Hmm... this weeks seems to have slipped by in a blink. Is it already Friday? I know it is because I have a moment of panic every Friday morning when I realize it's time to post the new topic to Illustration Friday and for a split second I think I'd missed it.

I've been way too darned busy this week, but in a good way. I've got a lot of assignments right now that are challenging me and inspiring me. I'll tell you about them as soon as I am in the clear...

But a bit of good news*. I received a phone call earlier this week from CA asking me if I'd like to be featured in the Fresh section of the Illustration Annual in July. WOW! I'm still reeling from that... That was one of the goals on my list: to be in CA and it felt so unattainable. And now it's here (or will be in July). It feels so good...

Another thing that feels so good is this morning: it's beautiful outside for the moment (supposed to storm later) so I took advantage and went to the park with Vince. We walked all around with smiles on our faces...soaking in the sun, the smell of leftover rain... We saved a worm who was bound to dry up had we left him to his path. We chased a squirrel or two. And we stopped on a park bench to meditate and feel the sun for a few minutes. Ah...bliss.

You know that goal about finding balance and feeling centered? I am on my way. I really had no idea that taking time for yourself is so important. I feel more creative, get better ideas and feel downright healthy. Who knew... (well, everyone but me apparently.)

What have you done to take care of yourself lately?

p.s. I think I just thought of a new collaboration idea... I'll see if it holds up after scrutiny and get back to you on that. Have a perfect weekend. :)

*understatement of the year