This is a piece I did for the Baltimore Sun last week. It was for a story about a waitress who was having a bad night all around and needed to be comforted by another waitress who said "It's just food. Don't take it so personal."

And man, that line really hit home for me. "Don't take it so personal." I have thin skin... I take everything too personally. I don't know if it's a female thing or what... thinking people are angry with you, when in reality, there is nothing for them to be angry about.

I end up getting upset trying to figure out what small thing I said that could have possibly been taken wrong. Only to find out that it was nothing. They were busy. Or distracted. Or whatever.

For example, when I turn in a piece of final art to a client, many times I don't hear back for a day or two. Those two days are excruciating. I play over and over in my head a movie of the art director opening the file (or envelope) and looking at it with a frown... "this is not what we were expecting" or "man, she kinda sucks, huh?". And my heart sinks. But after a time, they always call and say "beautiful" or "great, thank you!" and I sign and feel all sheepish. Stress for no reason.

So lately I have been trying to not think about it until I hear back. Instead of always assuming the worst, I'm trying to assume the best. It's a hard exercise!

p.s. I really loved working on this piece... It just sort of came together easily and I liked playing with the scale of the two figures.