Feeling so grateful that the sun popped his head out for a brief while today. I bundled up in two pairs of jogging pants, a tank top, long sleeve shirt, vest, coat and ear warmers (I'm perpetually cold) and headed out for a much needed walk around the neighborhood.

I was surprised when I got lapped by the old man who lives one street over. He was kicking my butt! And Vince (my pooch) was so taken aback that he walked right into a parked car. hee. I think he was embarrassed.

On my slow walk I closed my eyes and just felt the sun shine down on my eyelids...warm and gold. I breathed out deeply and just said thank you... this is exactly what I needed.

Now I sit here and listen as the thunderstorm rolls over. Wind. Rain. Hail. Feeling thankful that I have this cozy yellow living room to relax in, far away from the rain. There is so much I take for granted...

* * * * * Enjoying all the movies my husband made for the Curious City Film Festival. Go Colin!