(click image to view bigger.) This is a recent piece I did for a play opening June 9th here in Indy. The show is about a mom who lost two sisters to drowning when she was young, and just can't seem to let go of that. She ends up naming her daughters after her lost sisters, and they messes with their minds a bit... It's a pretty complicated story, but I really loved it and can't wait to see it. Anyone living in Indy should come too!

So, my idea for the piece was depicting the mom (really, the woman in the illo represents all the women in the play) who are held captive by the bones. She's literally trapped by them under water... I like how it turned out. And I even got an email from the play's author this morning saying that she really liked the illustration and thought I captured the essence of her play. That made me grin ear to ear. I love getting good feedback like that. :)

So there you go. Have a good weekend, all!