Illustration Nation

Oh my goodness... I have been waiting to share this with you and now it's here! Announcing the launch of my klass "Illustration Nation" with Sketchbook Skool!!!

I've been working on this klass for a year with Danny Gregory and it's so chock full of goodness. This is a klass about the process of illustration - from tiny beginning kernels of ideas to full blown final art. We walk you through the steps with lots of demo videos, how-tos and pep talks. The goal is not necessarily to become a professional illustrator, but to understand the process and discover your own unique approach to it.

My favorite part of the klass is the interviews with 8 top illustrators I had the pleasure and honor to talk to. They share how they come up with ideas, how they interact with clients, how they use materials, how they use digital and traditional tools, how they incorporate technical concerns in the manufacturing process and lots more. Each illustrator's approach is so different - so it was super cool to get to peek behind the scenes and learn how they do it.

And of course - I show you my own process from beginning to end. You can see how I turn ideas into sketches into finished art.

I hope you'll love this klass! Find out more and sign up here: Illustration Nation!