Process - Posters for Teachers

Brightly recently asked me to do two posters for teachers to download for their classrooms. Here are the sketches:

Options for poster 1:


Options for poster 2:


Poster 2 was a bit trickier because the first one with the mermaid was reading too young for the author. The quote with the open book idea was being done already by another artist. And so I set to revise.

I liked the one with the owl, snake, cityscape and tree, but the author said her quote is not necessarily about an escape to other worlds and topics, but essentially a reflection and understanding that teens are not alone in this world—not strange or freakish or unacceptable. So I drew some diverse friends dancing, a female basketball player, a reflective Latino girl and an older reader. They loved it! The actual quote: “Omg, you NAILED it!  Huge thumbs-up, cartwheels, and fireworks over here within the Brightly team.”


Here’s how the two final posters turned out: