so good, it must be true

So many things swirling around in my head as I've created and created and created this week. It's been a whirlwind of activity. Just busy in my head and in my studio. Email turned OFF to be more productive. And it's worked for the most part. (I am behind on three projects though, and am thinking I'll need to work this weekend a bit to catch up. such is life.)

One of the things I've been thinking is just how grateful I am to all you readers and creative participants out there. I throw out these random contests and projects, and do Illustration Friday, and I am amazed at the response. And not only the response of simply *doing* the things, but the awesome response of *support* and the positive vibe that comes from it all. I posted winners in my last blog here and lots of you said: hey, yeah! good job!

I think that is so totally awesome!

And it blows my mind.

I think a lot of times people/groups have a tendency to be competitive -- "I hate him because he does beautiful stuff that I can't do." Or "I hate her because her work sucks and she's still calling herself an 'artist'." -- And that DOESN'T HAPPEN (as far as I can tell) with Illustration Friday, or the projects that I host.

It seems like it is truly a good COMMUNITY feeling... of love and creating just for the sake of DOING it.... For the simple JOY of making something! ... and oh man. I have tears in my eyes right now as I type this... that positive community thing is just so beautiful.

Cause really? It doesn't matter if your painting, or the next guy's painting, is wonderful or horrible. Was it fun making it? Did you enjoy the process? Can you see any life in the other person's piece? Then THAT is what it's all about... that is the goal. Who the hell cares if it's good or bad (it's not even going to exist in 100 years!). And everyone does good and bad art at different times. And it Doesn't Matter. You just do the best you can possibly do at that time. You enjoy the act of creating it. And then you celebrate it (if you want to) and celebrate what others create too.

Cause we're all just a guy doing a thing.

And something is better than nothing. (Unless nothing is your thing... and it that case: it's really working for you!)

I don't know if any of that made any sense... but I just want to say THANK YOU you guys. Thank you for doing. And for being supportive of me and everyone else. Thank you for seeing the good. Thank you for just being.