gray area

So busy lately... house guests, traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday, seeing friends, and lots of studio time. I've been really into black and white since winter arrived. The silhouette of trees against the snow, india ink drawings, clean lines. Wanting to pitch b/w to all my clients lately and have to fight the urge.

My thoughts lately haven't been so black and white. Lots of different shades of gray. I've been researching baby gear now that I'm nearly 30 weeks (so close!). I've been procrastinating on all of it because I don't want a lot of stuff for no reason... only the essentials please and thank you.

But even with that in mind, it's amazing how many varieties of everything are out there! I mean... How do you know what you'll use and what will collect dust? Which kind of bottles won't leak (amazon reviews vary widely)? Whether to go with glass or bpa free plastic? And what kind of pacifier the baby will take to? (There are different shapes apparently.) How will the cloth diapers that were recommended by a trusted friend work for my kiddo? It's all confusing and a jumble. (And expensivo-rivo if you don't watch it.) And it all makes me nervous.

I suppose I'll be a pro at it soon enough... when we figure out what works for our family, but dang. I wish I could skip this part. sigh...