29 Gifts - Day 22, 23 and 24

I love this all this gift giving going around. Your giving comments and stories are really inspiring! I feel like a huge gift so far for each of us participating is this building sense of community. Do you feel it?

Day 22's gift came when teaching yoga on Monday night. At the end of class when my students were resting in savasana I held each one inĀ  conscious awareness and said a prayer of peace for them (om shanti shanti shanti om). I haven't been able to do any of my usual hands-on thai yumminess during final relaxation because I'm getting over a sinus infection and what remains of a cold. But a small prayer felt like the perfect thing to do.

Day 23 was yesterday, and my gift was once again to Veda. (She's got the good end of this deal, I think!) After her afternoon nap I dragged her to the store an hour away to pick up a shower gift for my cousin. Shopping is not high on my fun-things-to-do list and that is certainly true for Veda, too. But she was patient as we printed the registry and picked out the gift. So afterward I rewarded her with a trip to the indoor playground (still so cold out here!) and she pranced around and played with a couple of older kids. And after she'd had her fun we stopped in a bakery for a milk box, a coffee for mama and a chocolate chip muffin top which we split.

Day 24 (today) - my gift is working on a logo for a friend. :)