29 Gifts - Day 5

(The picture has nothing to do with my gift today. Just made me happy to see what a goober she is sometimes. :))

Today the gifting was mainly in my favor. I have a TON of work right now (which is a good thing!) and Colin was light so he took Veda for most of the day and let me work. Working during the day almost never happens for me and it felt good to get so much done. And getting so much done means I've been painting and computering all day long and my eyeballs are tired. So I'm calling it a night.

Oh! The gift I gave... A friend of mine is taking a super cool trip to Europe (man, I should have done that prior to kids) and she is asking friends for donations to help fund it. So I donated to that. I hope she brings me back a pebble or something. :)