29 Gifts - Day 6

Ok, so I am finding it challenging to gift something everyday. Might just be that I'm working so much right now that I'm not getting out much (or thinking about much else)... so gifts don't seem to be presenting themselves as they would if I'd make space for them to. I think that is the key... yes, making space in your day, but more so making space in your mind. Being open to them. And if I'm getting lost in work, I'm not being open to gifts. But as I lamented this to Colin this evening he reminded me that this is not something we are supposed to rank ourselves on. It's not a competition. And he's right. It's a challenge to make space for generosity, and on days where work is abundant (positive spin!), it can be tough. And that is what it is. Nothing more. Today I gifted a donation to Doctors Without Borders in light of the events in Japan. That was my overt gift. But smaller gifts happened too. Practicing profound patience with Veda as she pushed every two-year-old button in the book. Putting work aside to make a healthy dinner for my family (chickpea and red pepper quesadillas). Reading a bedtime story to Veda and being present in the moment.