29 Gifts - Days 19,20 and 21

(this photo has nothing to do with the 29 gifts... it was just a small moment of quiet, coffee and reading time that I want to remember.)

Ok. So I've been bad at actually writing about my gift giving here in the last few days, but that doesn't mean the gifts haven't been happening! :)

Friday's was creating and sending our thank you gift to Colin's uncle and aunt who let us use their time share in Orlando for our trip. I can't tell you what the gift was because they probably haven't gotten it yet, but it was something that I'd like to have gotten had the situation been reversed.

And yesterday's gift was helping my sister move furniture around her small apartment. She wanted to swap her room with her kids' room, which required moving the world's heaviest queen bed, a child's bed and a crib that I nearly broke in half trying to disassemble and move through a narrow doorway.

Today's gift was for Veda. I gave her the freedom to make some more of her own choices... like walking next to me at the grocery store instead of riding in the cart... and rewarding her with much praise for remembering to stay close and not grab things off the shelf. She really amazed me with how well-behaved she was in her choices, too. Made me want to give her even more slack.

Speaking of Veda. If you want a small giggle, head on over to my hubby's blog and read this story. :)