pockets of time

buddhatri I recently finished a great book simply called "Buddha" by Deepak Chopra. It was just fascinating. A real page turner and luckily, a quick read (that's a blessing with a baby in tow). It is a fictional account of the life of Buddha, from his upbringing as Prince Siddhartha to his days as the wandering monk Gautama to his enlightment as Buddha. I've read lots of original tales of Buddha (Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse is my favorite), but this was like watching a movie of his life... with all the little details filled in so he becomes flesh and blood. Battles and insights and feelings. I really enjoyed it.

I love reading now as a new mom, too. You get really creative with the time you have. For example, we flew to Raleigh NC last week as our first "test trip" with Veda. Colin had to go for business so Veda and I decided to tag along because we wanted to see how well she traveled. (Answer: very well. She hardly noticed the pressure change in the plane and slept pretty well in the hotel.) But there was no reading on the plane as in years past. This time it was in the car... While Colin was in his meetings, Veda and I explored the Carrboro area (love) until she got too tired and needed a nap. And because we'd already checked out of the hotel, we had no place to go. So as she fell asleep in the car seat, I found an open, safe parking lot and settled in for a while. Got my book out, rolled down the windows and enjoyed a long 2 hours of reading. Nap for Veda. Reading for me. It was almost blissful sitting in the sunshine quietly for that stretch.

Other chapters are consumed during nap times at home, when I don't have a pressing deadline. Or while soaking in a bath. But mostly at night after I put her to bed and the house is basically picked up and ready for the next day's deconstruction.

I really didn't think I'd be reading again until she was like 14 years old, so this is an unexpected gift. These little pockets of time.