find me

This post won't matter to anyone but me, but I feel compelled to write it anyway. Sunday Colin took Veda and I to the NC Prairie Ridge Ecostation. See? Lost you already. But for me... oh bliss. They have a little building there (you can see it in the background of the 1st photo) where they do classes/workshops. And it's just beautiful. Simple. Wood. Spacious with no walls. Would make a killer yoga studio as is. But the whole time I was in it I was picturing it being my house. As you walk back there is a big garden with an 8 foot fence all around. Walk through the little gate and around the paths to see the raised beds, bog garden, water garden, rain barrels and compost bin. There's a shaded bench to sit on on a little stand alone porch. It doesn't look like much, I guess. And my pictures kind of stink... but the spaciousness of this place. The wildness. The feel of having everything in an enclosed, safe garden. It all made me grin ear to ear. Same feeling I got when I first visited my friend's rural home/studio. And Jenny's house. And Christine's. And read about other homesteaders and DIYers, etc. It's my direction. And I just wanted to say that here (again! Yes, I know!). I want to put it out into the universe that this is what I'm looking for. Come find me because I'm already looking for you.