Pattern Work

Pattern work makes me so happy. I love figuring out how the pieces fit together and repeat. Do you prefer the light background or dark palette?


Happy Monday, friends!

Ma Vie Magazine

I got to do the fall cover and opening editorial spread for Ma Vie, a German magazine. I really love how it turned out - bright and bold with a limited palette.


And just for fun, here are my sketches I sent to the AD:


Parenting and Pain

I am so honored to share this message from Glennon Doyle and SuperSoul that I helped bring to life with my friends at SALT Project.

Glennon's message about not shielding our kids from pain, but leading them through it courageously, resonated so deeply with me. Being with pain - and not shying away from it - is something my little family of three tries to practice regularly with small things so when the big things come up we can call on our tools of kindness, wisdom and resilience. These qualities are muscles we try to build.

My deepest gratitude to Glennon, Super Soul, Oprah Magazine and SALT Project.

Oprah Magazine - Summer Adventures!

Oprah Magazine recently commissioned me to do eight spot illustrations for an article about summer adventures. The adventures included things like swimming with a mermaid tail (totally order-able online, who knew?), discovering your ancestry and recreating their photos, listening to a new podcast, waterparks, visiting a new city, movie parties, sipping pink wines and check out this summer's solar eclipse. All sound fun to me!

Above you'll see a video SALT Project and I put together for Oprah Magazine. And below you can see the illustrations in the wild. :) Enjoy!