a barn raising

Veda, like most little kids I suppose, is really into all things "farm". Farm animals. Barns. Hay. Chicken coops. You name it. And with the help of one of her grandmas (thanks Grandma Kline!) she's been collecting miniature plastic farm animals (with a few circus animals thrown in there for good measure, but we're sticking with the farm theme here). So I thought it'd be fun to have our own barn raising so her animals would have a proper place to sleep at night (because hard plastic animals + toddler bed = problems sleeping). So together we found a medium-sized, square cardboard box in the garage and transformed it into a barn using a little acrylic paint and construction paper.

Veda helped paint the red walls and brown roof. And together we made a silo out of 6 toilet paper rolls (for structure) wrapped in white construction paper with a few hatch marks for effect. Then I put her to the task of "coloring corn shapes" while I cut the doors and windows into the side. Last but not least was our little version of the weather vane on top, secured with a hot glue gun.

I think it was just as much fun to build it as it is to play with it now!