a fund for alison

hummingbird.jpg Things with Alison are pretty scary right now. We found out that not only is the chemo not working, but radiation is not an option either. The program was not approved by the FDA. So that leaves us with trying different forms of chemo and calling all the specialists in the country to see if they spot something Alison's doctors here missed. She has such a rare form of cancer, it's hard to grasp...

I am sitting in their empty house right now. My brother went to pick Alison up from getting blood. It's strangely quiet and peaceful here. Like nothing is wrong in this moment. Like it's all just a bad dream, and we'll all wake up soon and sigh with relief.

I am here because that is how i feel I can best help: by being present. By listening and talking. By trying to make them laugh. By cleaning up and cooking. Taking some of the extras off their hands. And it feels good to just be with them. They have such a strong love and open hearts.

Now we pray for that miracle. Pray that one of the specialists has a trick up his/her sleeve. Pray for strength and grace.

A fund has been set up to help Tom and Alison out with medical expenses as well as emergencies (like their old air conditioner going out). It's called A Dream for Alison, and you can donate via paypal if you feel moved to. Just go to Tom's blog and click the 'Make a Donation' button that's in the sidebar. Even five dollars makes a difference. Click here.

To those that donate for Alison... thank you so much. To those that cannot, thank you for your continued prayers. Everything helps.