a note from the basement dweller :)

I have officially clocked one week of living in my brother and Alison's basement. It's dark down there (Colin is out getting night lights as we speak) and I often bump my knees when attempting to find the bathroom in the middle of the night. But it's also very spacious. We have our own bedroom with a door, as well as a large studio area set up where we can turn up the music and get work done. Alison has joined us during the day when Tom is at work for a little sitting and chatting. It's nice. It works. I am the resident chef (for the most part) and happy to be using my cooking skeels. Big pots of spaghetti. Three-bean chilis. Stir-fries. It feels good to make healthy and yummy meals for receptive bellies. Reminds me of being much younger and cooking for my big family (I'm the oldest of 6).

And I'm learning the art of helping Alison. She and I became very close in South Carolina and I'm happy to be spending more time with her again. She doesn't hesitate to tell me what she needs (a snack, a water refill, more pain meds) and I'm grateful for the opportunity to feel useful.

Since the move, my creativity has dropped off the map. Sure -- I can still get my work done, but I don't feel inspired. I think I'm still reeling from the upheaval and all the changes right now. (The bad home sale surprises, moving stress, missing my old yoga class, the impending house-hunt, etc) I find myself blank when I try to write here or in my journal. I don't know what to paint (I'm in 3 shows this fall and I'm starting to feel the pressure). Heck, I don't even want to look at anything art related. No creative blogs. No gallery shows. Not even art books. It's bad this time.

But instead of panicking, I'm just chillin' and waiting for it to pass. Because I've been here before and know it eventually will. Just gotta keep on keepin' on.

Anyway, just some snippets of now-- and I wanted to say hello.

hello, how are you?