a whole bunch of new work

oakoffspring.jpg Wanna see some of the goodies I've been working on? I just updated the Work section of my site. (click refresh if you don't see new stuff.)

I think I'm finally starting to hit a stride in my work. A confidence and peace with it. I know more solidly what I do and what I can produce... That feels SO good. (let's just hope I can maintain that feeling.)

What's interesting to me is that I've slid backward in my technique a little bit. For a few months I started to get more into the small details of the piece... playing up highlights and adding shadows, messing with tiny areas, etc. But it just wasn't as fun for me... And while the pieces were still in "my style", they weren't as distintive in my opinion.

So now I've gone back to more of a limited palette with blocks of chunky color and much less finagling over fine details. I am playing with more pattern and pushing my color palettes even more, while keeping it simpler overall. (My college prof always said: KISS... Keep It Simple, Silly). And for me, I think that's really good advice. I really like working simply, focusing on ideas. It feels very natural for me. And it's fun.

Here's an example of one of my favorite older pieces: cigarette.jpg

Compared to this newer piece, which has the same simple, not-too-detailed look: aloneinschool.jpg

And then one of the more detailed pieces I did: tigeregggs.jpg

See what I mean?

(This makes me wonder what would happen if I repeated the same assignment every 6 months or so, just to see where my work has wandered and how it compares... Maybe worth looking into.)

Anyhoo, check out the work section.

* * * Oh yeah, the first image above was for the Baltimore Sun... A story about Maryland's famous Wye Oak living on due to the acorns that were sold before it got the chop. (and a good example of me pushing new palettes).