Ah, is this not happiness? A project.

the garden pre-fence.

dogwood confetti on the sidewalk

The Teacup Chronicles is one of the blogs I read regularly. Danielle's wonderful writing, yummy recipes and insights make me feel calm and leave me seeing the world as a more magical place (we all could use more of that, yeah?). One of her regular features is called "Ah, is this not happiness" where she is documenting 33 moments in her life when she felt truly happy. Her inspiration comes from 16th century Chinese scholar and playwright named Chin Shengt’an. Read about his practice here.

I love this idea. I did something similar a while back with the My Sacred Life posts. But then I had a baby and forgot all about them. (Along with lots of other stuff, I'm sure. mom-brain is a wicked, wicked thing.)

But I feel called to do this, so I'm starting today with "Ah, is this not happiness? #1":

I drove up to the garden alone. There was physical labor to be done, and that is easier if three-year-olds are otherwise cared for. When I arrived I greeted Steve, the man who owns the land, and my garden-mate, Marta, and we said we were glad the morning was a bit overcast and cool. A few minutes later it started to rain, but we had a fence to build. So we plodded down to the garden and dug some post holes. Tamped the wet dirt. Filled cement on the corner posts so they wouldn't pull in. Hammering the fencing into place with the tacks was my job and it felt good to do it. Pounding. Out. Frustrations. Rhythms. Echoes. My shoes sank down into the mud each time I braced for the blows, and I was soaked. I smiled looking out over the lake feeling the heat from labor and the cool from rain. It was perfect.

Ah, is this not happiness?