all its wonders

My favorite sound in the whole world? It's a tie between rhythmic ocean waves and a crackling bonfire. (Build me a bonfire on the beach? Pure lopie-bliss.) Oh yes.

My mom and youngest brother came down to NC for a visit last week. The ocean is only a couple of hours drive from Raleigh, so I booked us three days at a beachside motel. Nothing fancy. Just some outdated furniture that's used to getting sandy, a sliding glass door leading onto to a big porch and a couple of burners for whipping up some motel-cooked meals.

The weather was a bit chilly. The wind never did let up. So I should have brought an extra sweatshirt and/or windbreaker. Veda didn't seem to notice. She was jumping through the surf before I could get a swimsuit on her. The girl feels no cold. Last year she was scared of the ocean. So I guess she's faced that fear. Toe-tickling waves will do that.

We saw a puffer fish. Some jellies. Holes that I assume were turtles nests. An angry fiddler crab. Shells were gathered. Sand too. Lots and lots of sand. And a quick visit to the near-by aquarium to get a good look at some sharks, snakes and other interesting fellows that I prefer to greet through glass walls.

Happy Easter today. We had our egg hunt and then mulched some cabbages. Maybe later we'll dye some eggs. Maybe we'll just nap.

Hope your weekend is beautiful.