Antique necklace

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Antique necklace, originally uploaded by penelope!.

Okay, feeling better. Check.

The next thing I'm looking at feels a little more superficial, but to me it does make a difference. Clothes. Another thing I let slip since becoming self-employed is my dress. Or lack thereof. I just don't get dressed anymore. I stay in my pajamas or in crappy athletic pants until about 5pm, when I change into different pajamas or athletic pants. This makes for uncomfortable situations when clients pop in (mainly me running around trying to pull on some jeans) or if I have an emergency meeting. But more importantly, it just makes me feel like shit. I think it's important to put on clothes that make your work feel like you are actually doing something and not just playing around... Work should be approached like work (but in the case of illustration: really really fun work!).

So after my walking and yoga and eating a healthy breakfast, I shower and I put on clothes that make me feel good. This is not really as easy as it sounds because I have a lot of clothes that I really don't care for. Because of this, I have been listening to myself as I put something on. If it makes me feel bad or I keep tugging at it for whatever reason, it goes into the goodwill bag. Shoes that are uncomfortable: same thing. Why keep thing that make you feel horsy when you can surround yourself only with those things that make you feel like a million bucks? (Like the necklace in the picture which I picked up for $5 at an antique store... I love it. Makes me feel pretty!)

That's my phase two.