Autumn life

Life is going at full tilt lately, and we are loving every minute. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and this year I was more than ready for the break in the heat and the cool crisp clean air. The crunch of leaves underfoot. Amazing colors. Hot chai. Oh yes. :) I feel so grateful in moments that I'm sure my heart is going to swell right out of my chest. In those times I try to linger on that feeling... savoring it as long as I can. I call this my gratitude meditation. I look at that feeling from all angles and just enjoy the smile it brings with it. Recently we took a road trip back to Indiana and Illinois to visit family, and driving up through the mountains... oh my. I can't even describe the feeling. I just felt free and spacious.

Here are a few snapshots, in case you're not following along on instagram (my fave glowy-box hang out).

Veda in leaves. Almost mono-chromatic! :)

Serious business, carving these pumpkins.

Veda draws all her people with slit noses. She wanted the same for her pumpkin.

King-sized pillowcase. Perfecto.

Afternoon chai making.

I have been attending more Thai school. Oh goodness, how this feeds my soul. I love love love it. If you're in Raleigh, email me for some work! It's amazing.

Final harvest from Grandma's garden.