baby bump - 31 weeks

We had another baby checkup appointment on Wednesday where they discovered that I'd gained over 10 pounds in the last four weeks and my belly is measuring more than 5cm bigger than normal. She also looked at my ankles and said: "Those don't belong to you!". hee. Told you they were bad... I had apple-patterned knee-high socks on that day and had imprints of apples all over my legs. Attractive. We all laughed at my apple legs. :)

So the doc called for me to get another ultrasound to check to see if the baby's kidneys were functioning properly and we went in early this morning for the appointment. I didn't sleep well last night because I was worried, but the tech said that everything seemed to be fine. (She needed to verify with the radiologist to make sure, but we felt so relieved!) We got to see the baby again and verified that she is indeed a girl and that she weighs 4 pounds now and has long legs like her mama. :) Maybe that's why I'm so big now... the girl's all leg and just needs more room.

We also met with a doula yesterday and felt instantly like she was a kindred spirit who could help with the birth. Help us be present, be a liaison for the nurses and help guide Colin to guide me. She was so confident and kind and gentle. I'm excited!

Have a good weekend, peoples!