back to the self-assignments

Hey, remember self assignment #3: Document your average day? Yeah, my days got very not-average for over a month. The dust seems to be settling just a bit (most major renovation done, most boxes unpacked, and back to work) and I thought it was time to resume fun stuff like the self-assigments. So below is my average day... (This was a lot harder than I thought it'd be. Trying to remember the camera and to photograph periodically was tough. I get too into my work to remember I guess). Please keep in mind that I'm not a good photographer. (hee) Here goes:

1.jpg The alarm goes off... I do not welcome it because I am not a morning person.

2.jpg Waking up slowly... I also ask my husband for 5 more minutes. Please! Just five more. And then five more. And five more... I think he's catching on to my plots and schemes. :)

3.jpg Roll over and peek down at Vince who sleeps on his bed next to my side (because if he has a bad dream and starts to whimper in his sleep, I wake up. Colin sleeps right through it). Say the words "wake up, sweet peony" and he starts wagging his tail.

4.jpg Finally get up and go release the fuzzy butt brigade from captivity. (They sleep in the laundry room at night because they've proven time and time again that they are just OPPOSED to us sleeping during the night.)

5.jpg Make some much-needed coffee...

6.jpg Mmm... brekkie. I usually have honey nut cheerios with bananas on top.

7.jpg Colin leaves for work and I start my day slowly by attending to email.

8.jpg Start sketching on some assignments. Loose sketches to start ideas going and to start to make sense of composition.

9.jpg Sketch until Vince cannot wait any longer for his daily walk. We have been checking out different roads and paths lately around our new neighborhood.

10.jpg Lunch time. I usually eat at my desk because I have a lot of work right now, but I've been really trying to take 20 minutes for myself to just enjoy it.

11.jpg It starts to rain and I go outside to feel it on my face. Marvel at how sometimes the sky reflects what you're feeling so perfectly.

12.jpg Run out of blue paint and head to the art store to pick some more up. Get a little side-tracked in there by all the fun papers...

13.jpg More sketching...and painting if I get approval to go ahead to final.

Dinner happens somewhere after this, but I forgot to photograph it. I usually grill out these days because it's so easy. Chicken on the grill with veggies wrapped in tinfoil.

14.jpg Turn on some music and do the dishes and start...

15.jpg ... home project for the evening. This time it's putting shelves in the closet so we can FINALLY put our clothes away. (Looking through boxes for a clean shirt is starting to get old.)

16.jpg Then it's time for bed again. Nightly routine of brushing the teeth, flossing and rinsing with Act.

That's about it. Pretty boring really. But I like my routine. Feels good when it's not too rushed.

Who else did this assignment? I know leonie did (hers is WAY cool. Check it out!). And wee has taken it to another level... doing vignettes of her day almost every day. So pretty...

hope you are enjoying your week!