beautiful 2009 january - june

Inspired by my friend shari, I loved the idea of looking back at the year, month by month. For me, 2009 was one of the most difficult years I've been through, but you wouldn't know it from the pictures. Made me appreciate my life more to do this. january

jan_3 we're set to pop here, honey. 9 months pregnant.

jan_1 To understand what it was like to hike while 9 months pregnant, my dear husband strapped a cinder block to his chest and did a trail.

jan_2 the beautiful snowy village from my bedroom window.


feb_1a gave birth to my daughter veda. feb_2a those first sleepy days at the hospital.


march_1 An unexpected bouquet of sunshine brought over by a friend. (we didn't leave the house much when veda was born because she was so tiny at birth and because we were so shell-shocked with the whole newborn thing.)

march_2 teensy sleeping babe.


april_2 the first signs of life. Outside, and for us too... finally venturing out a little bit.

april_1 getting out for some porch sitting and sun soaking after a cold cold winter.


june_3 celebrating our 5 year anniversary.

may_2 finding this present on my back porch.

may_1 my first mother's day.


june_2 jumping off the kayak to go swimming. attempting to get back in about 7 times and laughing my ass off.

june_1 peonies spotted on a walk. (my favorite flower)

june_4 taking veda swimming at the lake for the first time.