beauty reserves

forsythia, drawing, penelope dullaghan In our house we talk a lot about stopping and taking a deep breath in whenever we experience a good moment or come across unexpected beauty. Literally dwelling on that positive thought for just a bit longer than we normally would. We also talk about letting the negative moments slide by without holding onto them longer than we need to.

My 8 year old has been struggling with some negative thinking lately and talking about this seems to be helpful for her. For me too. It reminds me to build up beauty reserves in my mind so those paths are the ones I travel more naturally in my thinking. Drawing is a good way to do this. I noticed my forsythia in bloom this morning- bright yellow as the sun. Spending 5 minutes studying it with drawing before I start work made me appreciate it all the more.

I hope you all have a happy Friday and notice moments of beauty in your day too.