black and white and read all over

nytoped.jpg I am probably supposed to be all cool and like: "Yeah, I did a piece for the NYT op-ed. No biggie." but I'm secretly doing a little wiggle dance with my index fingers bobbing around in the air. hee! I was thrilled they called and thrilled that I was able to do a piece they liked with an insane deadline (working over Easter weekend).

Also on the thrilling front: I got two pieces into CA's illustration annual! (We celebrated with dinner out and it was the WORST service ever... I think I got a little of the cold shoulder because it was a fancy-ish joint and my jeans had paint on them and I hadn't showered in a day or two... do you ever get that?) and I just finished up a job for Target. (Target!) Sweet. more wiggle dance coming up.

* * * * * And you guys... thank you so much for all the encouraging comments about my potential book. I feel so blessed to have that kind of support from you. I am into the third draft of the proposal and am starting to feel a groove...