blue and random

Anamama tagged me a few posts ago. A few random facts about me. 1) I am obsessed with all things blue and white right now. I used to especially HATE dark blue, but now I can't get enough. Give me a couple more months and I'll be over it and want to change my house again. some snaps:

91.jpg incense holder

71.jpg vintage table cloth

81.jpg beach towel (I love worn out linens... they are the softest and I'm not afraid to get them dirty)

41.jpg my sarong

61.jpg bedding (and bailey)

31.jpg some napkins I got from Ross, my favorite store in the south

17.jpg a pillow I got on ebay

0.jpg hydrangea's from my garden

2) I feel like the older I get, the less I know. And right now that makes me pretty damn uncomfortable.

3) I really dislike slow-poke drivers. Get in the right lane PLLLLease!

4) I got my hair cut yesterday.


5) In highschool I was in marching band... and I marched the tuba. Not the susaphone. The tuba. I think I win the biggest dork award.

6) I am really into african drum music. (I feel like I already told you that.)

7) When I was about 11, I dressed up like my Amish friends (white bonnet and everything) and rode in the buggy down to the KOA campground to sell homemade pies to campers. (One of those amish girls later almost drowned me when I tried to teach her how to swim. Luckily she didn't succeed.)

the end. I'm not passing this onto anyone. but if you have any fun facts to tell - let er rip!