brimming and beaming

Gosh, I've been so side-tracked lately. My apologies. Should I show you all the art for the Girly Show I've been working on? (Some pieces I'm really happy with!) Should I post some of my latest illustration adventures? Or should I show you the list of numbers I've been calling to set up utilities and things in the new house? (So many little things to set up with a new house!) Or maybe I can just show you my mini dining room studio and you'll understand that I've been swallowed whole by the overflow of paperwork, paint and emails. Nah. Slate's wiped clean as of tomorrow when we close on the house. (!) Soon we'll be tearing down popcorn ceilings and replacing floors and painting walls. Soon my arms and my neck will be so sore that I'll have to creep around the house like a granny. (Which box is the heating pad in?) But oh! It will be so good because it will be a space of our own. And soon these last few months will start to fade into "remember when...". Time marches on.

So many good things on the horizon. The whole world feels like a big pink polka-dotted present (with an orange velvet bow!) to me right now. Just spilling with possibilities and goodness.

I can't wait to open it.