burn out, baby

sadlyburntout.jpg GAH! I'm so burnt out! I'm sorry I've been a slacker at posting here... I just feel so completely TIRED and overwhelmed with everything right now. I need a big ol' break. (The roadtrip with my brother was postponed due to Alison being in the hospital with an infection, poor thing...) So no breaks quite yet.

Moving has been much more stressful than I anticipated. The expenses were ungodly, then Colin's motorcycle was stolen, we pay way too much rent for such a bummer apartment and miss our network of friends in Indy. That and the fact that I lost the BIGGEST job of my career half-way through completion (client changed direction mid-way through) and then we got an offer on the house that sucked, but were forced to take it because of the up-coming slow time due to holiday season and the fact mentioned above that our rent is too high. So big stink-bombs all around lately.

BUT... I have been thinking about how to look at the good side of all this. Seeing the light that is inherently around even the more dire situations. And have to report that I have found some light seeping through the cracks...

Maybe I lost that big job because I needed the free time more than I needed the money or good portfolio piece... Maybe we are lucky to get ANY offer on the house at this point (I mean, as soon as we're through inspection it will be done and we can move on). And maybe living in this tiny apartment in a bad neighborhood is teaching me to really appreciate things when they are good.

Things are looking up, finally. (Makes me nervous to say that, but I'm trying to be positive!) Yesterday i had enough free time to drive around and check out a new part of the city. I stopped into a healthy grocery store and bought some bubbly artichoke hummus and rice crackers. I checked out a gallery and got a few pretty cards and a present for a friend's upcoming birthday. I discovered a hidden little paper goods store that was so cute I almost couldn't stand it... and I got a set of stationery to send as thank you notes. And I visited a yoga studio that I'm thinking about joining. And BOY, it felt so good to be out. To wander. It's been months since I wandered...

All this working my ass off lately and bad luck that we've been experiencing made me sit down and think of a list of things I could do to remain sane and centered during the next busy spell. Here's my list:

- turn off email and only check during designated times (I still do this and it works like a charm!)

- take a walk everyday (even if it's just around the neighborhood)

- do a little yoga (stretch out on the floor, a few upward dogs and sun salutations do wonders for my mood) or better yet, enroll in a yoga class (if you're like me and need regimented, scheduled time to be pulled away... make it an obligation)

- get out once a week for an artist date with yourself (out for coffee, library, reading in your favorite chair with computer OFF, zoo, wandering through a farmers market, etc)

Those things seem so easy, don't they? They seem like things I want to do, but I find it SO hard to do them! I'm like a magnet to over working ... always being productive, but never refilling my cup. I need to control that more... Who's with me?!

Tell me the little things you do to build down time into your life. How do you achieve balance? What do you do for YOU?