setting up the tent...

happy campers!

sitting 'round the fire.

she woke up smiling.

down the trails to the lake.



6am canoe ride.

waking up on the water...

i'm a sun-lover.

she picks every dandelion she finds. all the time. i now budget time for it when we go places.

french-press coffee is SO yummy!

me and my handsome guy.

colin doing what he does best: shooting with antique cameras.

i love this pic... she had her bare feet swinging. sitting and humming. eating watermelon.

* * *

Camping, even if only for one night, is worth it. There's something so amazing about being outside for extended time. The unmistakable smell of the fire. The gratitude for an unexpected cool breeze. Waking up from sleep in the middle of the night and seeing the moon watching over you. It's just a beautiful thing. Even the dirty feet, washing dishes in a tub of cold water, and long walks to the facilities. It's so grounding.

We woke up just as the sun did this morning. Walked the trails to go brush teeth (we had no water spigot). And were blown away by the breath-taking beauty of the lake as the sun was rising. Steam lifted up over the surface. The water was settled. It was peace incarnate. A canoe ride was in order. Quietly we glided along, noticing fish jumping, a blue heron looking like a king, waterbugs gracefully iceskating along the surface. We touched the water with our fingers and toes, making little wakes of our own.

Later we floated in the lake, loving the waves gifted by boats passing. We ate all the yummy food I packed (big salad, quinoa and roasted veggies, hard-boiled eggs, kale chips). We played hide and seek. We read.

I think camping, especially extended camping, might be the perfect reset button. The opening we all sometimes need to reassess. To notice what we can do without. And what is essential. It's a chance to be still and feel a little wild all at once. I want to take that home and hold it there.

Maybe when we're done renting this little house we should just buy a camper. Oh, I dream...