camping, solar-powered

pop up camper illustration, penelope dullaghan Did I mention here that we bought a little new-to-us pop up camper? I'm really excited about being able to camp a little more comfortably. Not that I'm opposed to sleeping on the rocky ground when the blow-up mattress inevitably pops or waking up freezing all the way down to your bones. The hiking, nature and internal compass re-setting is worth it, right? Ahem. Well, yes, but I thought it was time to upgrade to a teeny camper. One with a real mattress (albeit a thin one), easy propane cooking and shelter from the rain. And I love it!

It's great having everything already packed so I'm not frantically packing tubs of dishes, towels, etc at the last minute. (I always forget something essential doing that.) Everything we need (which isn't much, truth be told - simplicity!) is already in the camper. So all I need to gather are food and clothes. Can do!

Fall break is here starting tomorrow, and we are heading out to camp for the next week. Colin got this insanely awesome idea to set up small solar panels for our new-to-us little camper (which I had to illustrate, of course)! We're super excited to see how they do - and to (kinda) live off grid for a bit.

solar panel sun illustration, penelope dullaghan

I still dream about off-grid yurt living, but it's not in the cards for the near future. So this is a little taste of that in a cheaper, less radical life changing way. I'm excited!