can't wait!

I just gotta tell you what I'm so excited about: tomorrow (friday) through sunday I am taking an intensive (17 hours!) pre-natal yoga teacher training workshop. Just listen to this description: Sarah Longacre's Blooma Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is all about finding the goddess inside of the instructor and training you in a sequence that is all about birth! (or, “a sequence specifically designed to empower and prepare women for birth.”)

During Sarah’s training you’ll learn far more than how to teach modifications for pregnancy. You’ll learn about the emotional and physical challenges a woman undergoes during labor and childbirth—and how her prenatal yoga classes can help prepare her for that journey. You’ll also explore your own beliefs surrounding birth, taking time to journal and talk with others in your training. We’ll practice together, take turns teaching, and develop confidence as teachers.

Drawing from her core belief in the inner strength of women and the power of the breath, Sarah will share stories and wisdom from both her years of teaching prenatal yoga and from the hundreds of births she has attended as a doula. You’ll leave prepared to lead a beautiful prenatal practice that builds a mother’s confidence, connects her to baby, and uplifts her mind, body, and spirit.

Doesn't it sound amazing? I can't wait to learn all this good yummy juicy stuff this weekend! I'd love to help new mamas (and veteran moms too) through their pregnancies and birthing journeys. Yoga helped me so much through my pregnancy and especially my birth. I just want to share that peace that's available through yoga with women who need it. I so so can't wait! eep! :)