captain.jpg Yesterday my brother was promoted to a Captain in the Marine Corps. The ceremony was originally supposed to take place on base this morning, but Alison had chemo at that time and wouldn't be able to make it, so instead it was held at their house. I think that made a big difference for people to feel comfortable and enjoy the whole thing a little more. The acronyms and details were explained a little for the average civilian (like half of us there). I was very honored that Tom asked me to pin on the new bars alongside Alison. (I have to admit though that I was just a wee bit tempted to give him a little poke with that pin out of big-sisterly love. hee. I somehow managed to restrain myself.)

The officer who promoted him gave a short speech about Tom being a good leader (and a good artist! I think Tom is the only art-major marine I have heard of). And then Tom spoke very briefly about how he loved being a marine and being able to mentor and see that spark in the people he deals with. (I'm being brief, I know, but it was touching.)

And afterwards we all just hung out and had shish-ka-bobs.