What we did this morning:

- veda and i rode on our sled (my yoga mat) through the icecaps of the north pole and through a snowy cave (a white blanket).

- we had tea and cakes (wooden blocks) in a castle (a pop up tent) far, far away.

- we chased a dinosaur (the dog) through the woods.

- we worked as jungle vets to help save a jaguar (the cat).

- we tried out a new recipe of hardboiled eggs (another block) with honey on top (yet another block) in our restaurant (little wooden table).

- we went bowling (knocked over empty easter eggs with a small rubber ball) in a bowling alley (the yoga mat).

- traveled to the rain forest for tropical plants (went outside and picked some rosemary for our salad dressing).

What we did not do this morning:

- the dishes.

- laundry.

- make our beds.

- go to the farmer's market.