christmas spirit - miniaturized

Each December Colin and I venture out to pick out a new ornament together. Sometimes it's an ordeal with hot chocolate and mittens and pie (love pie!), and sometimes it's more on a whim. But I really look forward to it because it's our own tradition. This year required no mittens, but we wanted to make it special somehow to honor our first Christmas in South Carolina. So we headed to the beach. On the way we spotted a store called "Octopuses" in a bright green building and stopped in. The place was filled with shells: shiny ones, striped ones, pointy ones, and this one, which was conveniently fitted to be an ornament:


Colin looked at it and declared that it was the one. So we bought it.

Earlier in the week Tom and Alison pulled out their mini tree that they usually display in a corner opposite their big tree, and decided to give it to us because all our decorations and lights are packed away who-knows-where. They thought we needed at least some sort of tree to put our ornament on. So when we got home, we put the tiny ornaments on it and topped it off with our new sea shell ornament. It stands about 12 inches tall. A mini christmas. :)


Now we got the holiday tunes playing and some eggnog in the fridge. Feels like Christmas. Even in the south...