In our new rental house I have a small, eat-in kitchen and needed a table, so I bought a cheapy from craigslist for $50. I don't like the style much at all, but it fit the timeline, space and budget, so I took it home. (I would have loved to take my time thrifting some gem table, but my little two-year-old shadow does not like this idea.) I've been thinking about options for this table... painting it white as my mom suggested. Or a fun color like turquoise or maybe even hot pink. But then I stumbled into a local craft store and saw these little guys:

All decoupaged in colorful glory. (Gotta dig that rug I'm standing on, too, yeah?) And they had this wall of wonderful papers:

So it got me thinking about decoupaging the table instead. It seems fairly easy and the table would certainly be unique... Trying to choose between these papers is tough though. Have any of you, dear readers, done this before? Were you happy with the results?