color my bobble-head imagination

backgrounds.jpg I just finished a whole bunch of colorful backgrounds for a book I'm working on... They are all around me on the floor and my eyes play games with the colors and patterns... those two could make a good looking watermelon. I wonder where that leaf path leads. Green coffee beans. A magenta water park slide maybe. Pop the orange bubbles as they pass by.

I got my hair chopped off this morning. I brought in a picture to the lady and of course, it looks nothing like it. Dammit. And she made it HUGE. Like... four times the size of my head. Bobble head lope. So all day long I've been pushing it down and it's not working. Ah well. Hair is dumb.

And lastly... I am launching a new Halloween contest this week... by Thursday at the latest. I'm SO excited about it... I think it will be wonderful when it's all said and done. I do hope you'll participate! ...Stay tuned!