commissions and comfort zones

penelope dullaghan, commission, vinyl, music I just finished up this commission for our good friend Ryan's 40th birthday. He asked for art (and records - he's a music lover) for his big day, and I couldn't have been more flattered that he wanted art from me. I did this piece and crossed my fingers that he would like it. He did, thank goodness.

- - - -

I was gonna pretend to be all cool and stop writing this blog post right there, but that's not really all of the story. And I'm not that cool.

Working on paper without using digital for a complete piece was a bit out of my comfort zone, I must admit. I mean, I work in my sketchbook and experiment on paper a whole lot, but I am out of practice with creating a finished work of art solely analog. I mostly do illustration where what you use doesn't matter, and I deliver final art to clients via email, so it's always scanned and brought into digital perfection at some point. Also, it's just so damn comforting to be able to change, move and "fix" in photoshop as needed. So without that digital crutch I felt the pressure.

But I said yes when Ryan's wife asked me to create a piece. I panicked (some) for a week. And then I bought extra paper and materials so I could do it screw it up several times before creating a piece I liked. I ended up scrapping just one. yay! I also used collage for the first time with this piece. I really loved working that way, it turns out. A happy discovery that opened a new door for me - I've been using cut paper for some of my illustration work since then! (I love that - when playing and experimenting leads to new ways of working. You probably know that by now.)

I also love how this piece turned out. I'm proud of it. I'm thrilled that it pushed me in new ways, and walked me to the edge of my comfort zone and through it. I'm excited to keep playing with more works on paper.

And that's the whole truth. :)