So big big news! I am the featured profile in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Communication Arts! Last August I was interviewed extensively by writer Tiffany Meyers, who is just fantastic and whip smart. We really hit it off. She came all the way out to Winona Lake, Indiana and spent the day with me, touring my little studio and meeting the family. We sat at the village cafe and talked art and life. I showed her the little shops and canal. And she was even up for a hike with me... mosquitoes and all. I was impressed. :)

Anyway, the article is four spreads long and I'm just beside myself with gratitude for this look into my art. (It's very odd to read an objective view of your world in print...) I blush.

Anyway, pick up a copy and give it a read if you're at a bookstore. :)