10 ways to feel disconnected: 1) check your email every 2 minutes.

2) keep the ear buds in.

3) always eat lunch by yourself.

4) vigorously monitor the weather (or the traffic report).

5) always order the same thing at a restaurant (or cook same menu at home).

6) categorize people.

7) compare yourself or your work to others.

8) multitask.

9) buy pre-chopped vegetables.

10) talk.

10 ways to feel connected:

1) listen.

2) go barefoot.

3) hug when see your peeps.

4) send a letter or care package.

5) sing along.

6) drive a stick shift.

7) open the windows.

8) when you think about someone, call them.

9) say what you really feel.

10) comment. (it's true actually!)