continual change

My Sacred Life: Day 10

Yoga class always comes right when I need it the most. During the ending meditation my yoga instructor said: "Life is alive... it's constantly changing and moving. Nothing stays the same. There is no real stability except for the fact that things are not stable. And that's what makes it life." And boy, I just laid there and let that sink all the way down into my heart like water through a crack in the sidewalk.

So. true.

Things are once again in flux for Colin and I. I won't go into too much detail at this time, but I will say that I finally realize that it's only one aspect of our lives. The rest are stable and supporting us right now as this one end whips around in the wind. And it's totally okay. Even though this aspect controls so many of the others, it's still only one part of a whole.

We are actually feeling really optimistic in this instability, seeing this as an opportunity to explore our lives -- what we want, what we want to ditch, what's working and what's missing. The other night we sat down together and wrote out what our ultimate life looked like (subject to change/addition as we see fit). And it was so fun! We were totally bold and asked for everything we wanted... (a soulful, simple, good, passionate life.) And then after writing it all out, we went through and did the whole thing visually, cutting out pictures and printing images of the things we wrote about. We hung them all up on a wall in our house, creating a visual reminder of our aspirations.

It felt so good to put it out there into the universe. And let it all marinate in the back of our minds while we try to figure out the logistics of the problem at hand. (I think it even helped clarify how we could fix it.)

And somehow it showed me once again that there are always more options that any one can see at any given time. So many different ways to get where you want to be (or maybe where you want to be changes too). And they're always moving and criss-crossing. There's no clear way. And it's okay. It's the constant changing and the journey that is life. This is what makes it interesting. (But it does help to have a map.)