CRAP! oh, okay then.

just a quick entry today to show you another piece I've been working on... I worked on a painting yesterday that just WOULD NOT TURN OUT... I got so frustrated that I smeared black paint all over it and yelled at it and pulled its hair (cat fight!). Then I started tearing it to shreds. Screw you ugly painting! And in the middle of my fitted shredding, i noticed that the pieces coming off were beautiful. Textured and subtly patterned. So I quickly grabbed another piece of paper and some modge podge and started glueing them down into a dress shape. I'm liking it... I'm liking it....

Grabbed some black india ink and drew some arms. Some shoulders. A neck and face. A few strokes of black hair. Hmm... It seemed to be working.

I really like how this one turned out. (I don't want to sell it!) She seems to be centered and raising her arms in a way that says: "I just pulled through! I am happy and strong! Thank you!"