brushesinwater.jpg Today is bubbling with possibility... creativity... and goodness. (my favorite things!) Because today is "Createathon" at my husband's work. Createathon is a 24-hour, round-the-clock creative burst aimed at providing pro bono marketing and creative services for nonprofit organizations. Lots of creative vendors (art directors, designers, writers, photographers, illustrators (me!), and strategists) are pitching in to help these businesses grow and get their word out. And I'm so excited to help again this year.

Last year I helped with a group that serves homeless families. See piece here. It was so rewarding to work with them and feel like I was doing some good in the world...

This year I believe I am helping with a park here in South Carolina that supports artists. They are doing an event where lots of artist set up in the woods and by the river and do their thing: painting, drawing, sculpture, dance... I don't know too much more than that right now, to be honest. I'm waiting for a call from Riggs to come in for a meeting to learn more and brain storm some ideas. Then it's time to create something, within the next 24 hours. (just a little presssure!)

So that's what's happening here today...

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Also, the incredibly talented Karen Blados tagged me as a Creative Blogger. hee! Thanks Karen! :)