Lately I've been inspired by crafty-moms doing crafty things for their babes. I don't consider myself skilled in this department at all, but I do believe in trying different forms of creativity even if you're bad at them. In fact I think it's good to be bad! It's a perfect opportunity to detach from the outcome and just be creative for fun, yeah? Be in the moment.

Well, the straps on the backpack I made are a little too short, and I had to piece together a scrap of fabric and an old t-shirt to make the bag part long enough, but I think it turned out ok. And Veda will like carrying her menagerie of "friends" (includes a small stuffed monkey, stuffed zebra, stuffed bear, 4 miniature rubber duckies, a tiny goat, lamb, line of goslings and bear*) around in it at least. :)

The tutorial I followed to make the backpack is here.

*We are working on the idea of traveling lightly... it hasn't sunken in yet.