CYMK Magazine, Illustration Judge

I was recently asked to be the Illustration judge for CMYK magazine’s annual student competition. Most of the work submitted was really inspired and creative. At times it was hard to pick favorites! Here is what I wrote for the magazine:

* * * COMMENTARY: The work submitted this year kind of ran the gamut. I saw pieces that were really strong and imaginative, and pieces that felt a little less than inspired.

The pieces that stood out to me the most seemed to be from those who truly embraced the assignment… thinking it through, coming up with an idea that not only covered the requirements but added something personal from the artist themselves. You could see in that work that the artist loved what they were creating.

Recognizing that in a piece inspires me very much and reminds me that it’s important to make every assignment important. If you come up with 10 so-so ideas, keep pushing until you find one that you love. Something you’re excited about working on. That’s what I saw in the best work here.

* * *

The issue is on shelves now.