Oh my gosh. This morning I woke up to powdered sugar rooftops and the whole world outside my window looking like a giant snow globe that's just been shaken up. Just gorgeous! (I haven't seen snow since we moved to SC two years ago and I forgot how much I love it.) Anyway, this week I am officially declaring "DO" week. I feel like I've been kind of spinning my wheels lately. Thinking and reading a lot about this lifestyle that I want to achieve. All the things I wish were a part of my life or "somehow fit into my busy schedule". But I have not actually gotten my nose out of the books or the internet to DO IT. To take action and make it a reality.

I read something (can't remember where) a while back that said: if your goal is peace, but you do things that are not peaceable -- you know that your true goal was not peace. But if your goal truly is peace, everything you do will keep peace in your highest priority... your highest mind. (I'm majorly paraphrasing here. You get the gist of it, right?)

Well. I'm done solely reading about it all. I'm done thinking about it. And I'm ready to just do. I'm done busying myself with other things. Filling up all the nooks and crannies of my life with things that don't matter so much. And I'm ready to be responsible for those nooks and crannies instead.

What am I talking about? For me: infusing spirituality/simplicity/serenity/joy/love/awe into my life (how's that for easy goals? hee): a daily meditation practice (I only do it when I "feel" like it, which is hardly ever). A home yoga practice (I have not dedicated myself to this yet.) Going out in the mornings for a walk before I lose myself in my work. Experimenting with personal art again. Doing projects for me (and you!). Taking time to tackle "The Big To Do" list that I've created for myself. (Includes some not so fun stuff like book-keeping, but hey -- that's been hanging over my head.) And more... lots more ideas that I have about how to achieve these goals! (But I'm trying to only bite off what I can chew for now.)

And I'm declaring this post as a way to hold myself accountable. If I shout it from the mountain tops, I better follow though, huh? :)

So I'm ending this post and bundling up in my new winter coat (that accommodates the mongo-prego-belly) and my snow pants, and I'm starting.