edible ground cover

strawberries - edible ground cover Two years ago I planted strawberries in our front yard as ground cover. I put in as many as my mom gave me from her garden, which was about 4 garbage can lids full. And it was enough because they spread and filled in beautifully. I actually have to beat them back - they're very tenacious and like to take over when you're not looking. (Hence why they're good ground cover.)

And now Veda and the two girls we carpool with go on strawberry search parties every morning before school. I tell them they can pick as many as they want... they just have to find them before I do because they're delicious and I can't help but eat them right away. I mean, what's better than a dew washed strawberry that's warmed in the sun? Kinda nothing.

They also make for great art studies with Veda. :)

veda's strawberries painting

penelope dullaghan strawberries pattern