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You know you're struggling when you find yourself looking for ways to discontinue things in your life. Like this blog. I have been searching for ways to make it disappear for an hour now, but Brianna (who built my site) must have hidden it from me. Sneaky girl. I'm not sure what brings on this feeling. Sometimes it's looking at too many beautiful things. Makes me want to curl up in a hole and stay there for a very long time. Gotta watch how much of it you take in. You need ugly things too.

Sometimes it's loneliness. Just non-descript loneliness. And busy-ness. Which makes loneliness somewhat unobserved.

Or maybe even boredom. But not in a "I can't think of what to do" way. In more of a resources and time type way, if you know what I mean. In facet, I'm wrong. It's the opposite. Too many things and ideas and not enough time or space or energy to execute.

Or, last guess, nostalgia for something you think you once had, but can't put your finger on right now...

Or maybe it's just a rainy day. Which is not really the case right now, I don't think.